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In this episode, Pilar talks to Catherine Nicholson about how her and her team are helping trainers to take their online workshops to the next level. They talk about tackling topics which require heavy content, how to adapt materials created by others in the organisation, and how to encourage meaningful conversations.

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This episode focuses on how companies can adapt to the changing work environments. How can businesses create remote work policies? What are the key benefits of having a remote team? How can you get the necessary skills to create an amazing remote work landscape for your company? To discuss, I invited Iwo Szapar, co-founder of Remote-How. In this episode they discuss eSports and the learnings on remote from this newly booming industry.

Aimee Tariq, Founder Of Life With Health

For example, a June 2020 episode on the impact of remote work on communities includes an interview with one of the leaders behind Vermont’s initiative to pay remote workers to move to the state. One of this podcast’s strengths is its willingness to get into the nitty-gritty. Check out this episode from August 2020, focusing on asynchronous communication among remote teams, or this one from September of that year, which examines emotional intelligence in remote teams. In each podcast episode, Sondre Rasch, CEO & Co-founder of SafetyWing, interviews remote founders & thought leaders to discover innovative & thought-provoking ways to successfully build a remote company.

As individuals with power, even a small amount of power makes us more likely to engage in bullying behavior. As organizations, we need to systemically create real consequences for bullying behavior, especially as it relates to relationships with power dynamics. Working together, high-growth startups and impact investors can create positive financial and community outcomes. Today I’m interviewing one of my favourite guests of all time on the podcast, Elaine Podeldt. Think you’ve been working remotely during COVID-19? Remote work expert Laurel Farrer has news that might surprise you.

  • This podcast brings on guests from unique and unusual professions.
  • Welcome to the remote work life podcast where real-world remote work CEOs and leaders, talk about how they collaborate, thrive and build their businesses.
  • He took it fairly well, I think maybe he knew something was coming.
  • You want everybody to just be thinking remote-first all the time.

And I want to get to the point where everything is just built out. And I can focus solely on this live component and interacting with my community. And I can continue to build more things that I want to put out there to the world for them to see. Okay, we are, I think, six people full time, okay? And we’re absorbing the rest of the service side, so we’re going to be about 12 people any day now. So we have to hit this 1.8 on our way to hopefully doing three and a half million dollars next year where then it all makes sense. And then you go into starting a company, and then you get all the headaches, dealing with the partner, managing people, and taking on projects that you don’t necessarily want to take on because you have to just manage the overhead.

Karla Singson, Founder Of Proximity Placements

Sharon Koifman is the founder of DistantJob with more than 15 years of experience in the tech, recruitment, & HR world. In this podcast, this interesting thinker will discuss the talent side of remote work and how to promote worker creativity and a better quality of life. This podcast, launched in May 2020 by software company Citrix, shares stories about the many different aspects of remote work—both positive and challenging. From describing professional football players’ remote training regimens to revealing how news reporters shoot segments from their home setups, this podcast covers far more than just 9-to-5 office jobs. Check out Episode 2, which looks at the technology to which the Colorado Symphony and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra transitioned after going remote in spring 2020. In this episode of The Conversation Weekly, four experts dissect the impact a year of working from home has had on employees and the companies they work for – and what a more hybrid future might look like.

  • Because there’s some deep seated stuff, like still water runs deep kind of thing.
  • It was decided that we needed to make that move immediately.
  • Brand Monitoring Monitor your product name, brand, competitors, keywords, authors, or any other topics.
  • He’s also ​​head of Business Development at Doist, which is a company with a remote-first structure.
  • In this episode, Pilar speaks to Chase Warrington, Head of Remote at Doist, who shares how he is challenging the way in which remote work is approached at his organisation.

As you cannot lose your current clients, worth to pull them into the process as well. Leverage people’s experience while geographical location doesn’t matter anymore. Membership in the community is open to any individual, firm, organization or institution with an interest in advancing the knowledge and practice of organization design and who wish to support and enhance ODC’s mission. Have#isolation&#confinementaffected you during the pandemic? What will happen if we will face further lockdowns and social interaction interdictions? This episode of Making Remote Work is about#mentalhealthwith renowned Sheryl Bishop, Professor Emeritus at The University of Texas Medical. Hey, this is Cameron Pierron with and you are listening to The Futur.

Amy Yin, Founder & Ceo At Officetogether

So you’re doing this remotely, you’re working with Danny and Kyle, you’re in all the work. I mean, they still continue to this day, do some of the most amazing motion design work out there, bar none. Welcome to The Futur podcast, the show that explores the interesting overlap between creativity, business, and personal development, I’m Greg Gunn. 2020 sort of normalized the concept of remote work, and thanks to COVID-19, a lot of people were forced to take their office home and find new ways to do business and stay connected, whether they liked it or not.

There was a lot of stuff that Noah and I had to plan for in order to get everybody ready to WFH. Do you have unique insights on leading a remote team? Share your story with us and help others learn how to manage better. Reach out to me by email or Twitter if you’d like to be a guest on Mastering Remote.

  • But recently I’ve started learning just to come from the heart, and just say it and in words that people just…
  • Instead of trying to distribute everybody’s phone numbers, Slack actually has a call feature built into it.
  • When working remotely it’s important to be able to collaborate virtually with your team.
  • In it, they went over policies on why we’re doing certain procedures and what expectations should be moving forward.
  • So that increased our participant number, and if it weren’t for Google increasing the participant cap temporarily, we wouldn’t be able to have everybody join our meetings .

Hosted by Jacob Morgan, The Future of Work looks at changing trends in how people earn a living. Top CEOs and executives offer their advice on future-proofing your life and career. Here’s the message that I want you guys who are listening to this podcast to take away from this, if nothing else, okay? But Cameron remote work podcasts is from the Midwest, so he’s comes from a small town, he’s primarily self taught, reverse engineers everything, and is able to work remotely from where he’s at with some of the biggest companies in the world. But I’m also not one to look back and regret things because what’s the point of having regret?

Wlp293: Crafting The Role Of Head Of Remote

I started as an animator, I had never taken an art class in my life. So I had no idea, I was scared to death to design anything.

It’s not just a matter of like, all right, let’s get some culture building activities in here for you. It’s like, OK, we got to completely reconstruct your entire entire concept of how to telework. In Beyond The To-Do List, host Eric Fisher takes you through a range of tips and tricks that will let you mold your life around productivity and take the steps towards success. Fisher isn’t all about empty advice that lets you fit more into your day, however – he recognizes that productivity must have a goal, and for Fisher it’s about how you find and create meaning in your own life.

Claire Lew, Ceo Of Know Your Team

So there’s some self esteem issues being worked through, she’s helping you develop your own self confidence. But like we all know, just because you go to a couple of sessions, albeit for even a year, it doesn’t fix all the things, right?

  • Expert advice to help you work smarter and manage better — remotely.
  • While some of these are “officially” considered remote work podcasts and others are general business podcasts, each in the list below offers something valuable to the WFH discussion.
  • To discuss, I invited Jake Jorgovan, founder of Content Allies who helps businesses to launch and produce amazing podcast shows.
  • Based in Bulgaria, DevriX is a WordPress Development Agency whose team is 3/4 remote.
  • Teaching you the Best Ways to Make Money Online, Work From Home and Achieve Financial Freedom.
  • Debbie offers a comfortable and friendly approach that makes this podcast an easy and enjoyable listen.

Connect with us to learn how Formstack can help you digitize what matters, automate workflows, and fix processes—all without code. The recent episode with Seth Godin exploring how discipline leads to success was highly informative.

Because there’s some deep seated stuff, like still water runs deep kind of thing. And so many people in the creative industry suffer from some kind of imposter syndrome. And so when we talk about money or putting yourself out there, that’s a scariest thing that they can hear. I’d been doing freelance for five years at that time, and I was getting frustrated with the fact that I could only get a piece of a project, and I wanted to get more of an entire project or the whole thing. And with that came a larger budget, more money in my pocket. So that became kind of an important thing to me just to get a bigger project.

remote work podcasts

We dive deep into the first steps you should focus on as a just-starting business. This episode focuses on marketing automation. Why a business should use marketing automation? How a business can improve their marketing with automation? How to get better open rates for your newsletters? Apart from the practical advices, we also discuss the fool-proof strategies for a successful marketing automation setup. Thanks to remote work as a company, you can easily broaden the scale of your talent pool.

Episode #19: Mindfulness & Work

In this podcast Roderick Swaab shared his research on communication structures on value creation in business negotiations and conflict resolution. He also shared his studies on the emergence of social hierarchies in teams and how these impact coordination, conflict, and performance.

Darren Murph, Head Of Remote, Gitlab

Then, we could take that serial number and make sure it’s updated and accurate in our system. We were in the middle of doing a full inventory to get our asset management system up to date. This kind of threw a wrench in that, but then again, it helped us get a head start on doing such an extensive inventory count. Below we have also presented this episode in written form. Feel free to submit any additional questions you have that may have been left unanswered.

Recent episodes about the health properties of echinacea and how to save for a house deposit have been inspiring, and there’s so much more where that came from with a deep archive available online. As 2021 draws to a close, Pilar and Maya take this episode to reflect on the changing landscape of remote work, and the end of another turbulent and transformative year in the present and future of work. It’s no secret that we believe remote work is the future.Remote work has gone from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” if a business wants to 1. There’s an overwhelming agreement that culture impacts every corner of your business. 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success. If you work remotely, you’ve probably tried finding a coworking space before. Nowadays there’s plenty of options, but finding one that doesn’t suck or drain your wallet is a whole different story.

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