CoolChange buff

CoolChange buff

Recently I came across this site and I immediately liked it (reminds me of a peekaboo when there were no endless complaints about excesses / inaction of the authorities) and I decided to share with you my impressions of the goods. Today is my debut, so do not judge strictly, I’m still learning 🙂
I would not want to write in the form of dry reviews “it weighs so much, so much length”, so I will dilute it with my thoughts and comments. Criticism is welcome, but to the point.

Let’s go:

I have known this store for a relatively long time – I have already ordered several goods there, maybe I will review them later.

I ordered these buffs at the last sale on 11.11 with a “huge” discount for $1.89, not $1.95, so I don’t see any reason to wait for a discount, the price fluctuates in this area, and ten cents won’t do the weather. I note that delivery is free, fast and in Ukraine you need to receive it not at Ukrposhta, but at New Post. What postal services will be in other countries, I, alas, will not tell you.
I can also write down as a plus that a permanent action 1 1=3 works for buffs, i.е. when buying two buffs, you get the third one for free, so the price can be considered $1.30, looking ahead I will say: take it like this, after the review, I hope you will have no reason to ask why.

This is what this party looks like

The main disadvantage of this seller’s buffs is not in them, but in the assortment. There are very few interesting colors in my opinion, although this is possible subjectively – people have different tastes.

I bought the first buff from this seller a year ago, also on 11.11 (just some kind of tradition is being born :)) and absolutely nothing terrible happened to it in a year: it did not lose color (at least it doesn’t catch your eye), not stretched, not torn, still warm, etc. It has become one of my favorite warm clothing accessories. I don’t remember what it was like when unpacking, but after unpacking the new ones, I discovered for myself that the new buffs feel very “plastic” to the touch. Therefore, for comfortable use, I would recommend washing them “with soul” with your hands so that they become at least a little frizzy, then they will become softer, warmer and more pleasant when touched by the skin. Repeat until you start to like it.
Here in these photos you can appreciate the "fluffiness" of the fabric of the one-year-old and the new buffs:


Old around the neck like a warm old blanket, the new one has not yet reached this softness.

In use, I can say that this is simply an indispensable thing when playing sports in the cold seasons, and just walking in winter with a buff is much more comfortable.
Here is my main use when cycling

There are many uses

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